Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Putin By Scott Scheidly

pink putin by scott scheidly photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Hopefully, we can all agree that the person depicted in this week’s Pink Thing sucks wildly, amiright?  Yes indeed, I am no fan of Vladimir Putin, and for that reason I take great delight in presenting to you Pink Putin (2018) from artist Scott Scheidly — whose work is just fantastic — because Putin would no doubt hate it very much.

Pink Putin is part of Scheidly’s series of hyper-realist Glamour Shots portraits from his ongoing Pink Series.   Inspired by the glamour shots photography style popularized in the 1990s, Scheidly draws inspiration from this campy genre, dressing celebrities and notorious politicians in hues of pinks and purples  and draping his subjects in pearls, satin gloves and feather boas.  See other more (in)famous celebrities depicted in the Pink Series at This Link!

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