Gastronomic Tourism: Where To Travel to Eat in 2023

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People can choose to travel the world for completely different reasons. Some might go just to relax, others go for work, someone else travels to get an education or medical treatment, but there are those who go on a trip to eat delicious food! It is certainly very pleasant to get acquainted with the traditions of a country or region, tasting fragrant dishes and fine drinks. If you are planning to go on a gastronomic trip, you probably want to know which destinations to choose. Let’s see what’s relevant today.

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Tuscany, Italy

Agree, there is nothing surprising in the fact that we have started with Italy… Italy is the birthplace of amazing cuisine, which is appreciated all over the world! In the homeland of the Italian Renaissance, the cuisine is simply amazing, it is very much loved by tourists. Exquisite, but simple and understandable dishes that give real pleasure. Sausages, fish and vegetable dishes, the famous local olive oil, which is considered one of the best in the world… Experienced travelers are especially advised to try a Florentine steak made from the meat of young steers. Italy is a continuous pleasure and beauty not only in the cuisine, but also in culture, architecture, interests and lifestyles of local people. In order to have as much exciting time as possible, concentrate not only on food, but also on the people around, cultural attractions. Rent a car and drive through the most famous eateries in Tuscany, so you will get a great gastronomic experience. Do not worry that you will not find a means of transportation, cars for rent are now literally everywhere, for every taste and purse – Bentley rent in Dubai, sports car in Moldova and excellent electric cars for rent in Italy and so on. Enjoy delicious and beautiful Italy!

Provence, France

France, like Italy, is known all over the world for its cuisine! The cuisine of this region of France is called the “cuisine of the sun”. The signature dishes for visitors are chicken and lamb dishes seasoned with the already legendary Provencal herbs – thyme, rosemary, basil and tarragon. All this is cooked in Provencal olive oil and served with a glass of local noble wine. The aesthetics of France is manifested not only in the exceptional balance and delicate taste of the surrounding world, which the French create, but also in their dishes. Be sure to try it!

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Catalonia, Spain

This cuisine is unique in that it has absorbed the best traditions of Spanish cuisine. Meat and fish dishes will delight lovers of unusual combinations: rabbit with snails, chicken with chocolate, turkey stuffed with plums and cod with pine nuts … For some, such combinations will seem too unusual or unbalanced, but these ingredients can really give a unique taste. In this wine-growing region you will be offered a huge number of snacks and salads, be sure to try and enjoy the unusual, authentic cuisine!

Tbilisi, Georgia

Of course, Georgia is a wonderful place to eat delicious food, and hospitable Georgians are ideal generous hosts who will not refuse you a luxurious reception! Georgian cuisine is rightfully considered one of the most original. Probably, this is one of the few countries in the world where tourists from all over the world go, first of all, for gastronomic impressions. The basis is meat in combination with a variety of seasonings, spices, herbs and, of course, sauces. Sauces are made from fresh vegetables, fruit juices, tomatoes, barberries, pomegranates, blackthorn berries. This cuisine is really very diverse and multifaceted, you will not regret it if you decide to visit Georgia!

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