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Gastronomic Tourism: Where To Travel to Eat in 2023

a chef garnishing sushi on a ceramic plate
Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

People can choose to travel the world for completely different reasons. Some might go just to relax, others go for work, someone else travels to get an education or medical treatment, but there are those who go on a trip to eat delicious food! It is certainly very pleasant to get acquainted with the traditions of a country or region, tasting fragrant dishes and fine drinks. If you are planning to go on a gastronomic trip, you probably want to know which destinations to choose. Let’s see what’s relevant today.

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Eye On Design: Pillola Lamps By C. Emanuele Ponzio

Pillola Lamps at Cooper Hewitt
All Photos By Gail

In the 1960s, youth culture asserted itself, changing society’s rhythms of mass production and consumption, and generating a sense of upheaval and freedom. The Pop Art movement emerged, taking inspiration from mass media and the everyday. Bold colors, new material and radical forms characterized the work of artists and designers whose appropriation of the ordinary made brash or ironic statements.
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John Lennon Carnivale Float

John Lennon Carnivale Float

Canivale is going on in Tuscan city of Viareggio this week and it looks completely fucking insane! This year’s parade featured a huge Beatles-themed float with a massive John Lennon. When his giant moving hands meet in the middle, they read HELP!


Thanks to Melissa Altman for the Image!

Bring Me The Head of Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonlad Severed Head Venice
Image Source

This statue of a young man holding the severed head of beloved, iconic fast-food mascot Ronald McDonald can be found in Venice, Italy, though I haven’t yet been able to dig up any information on the statue’s exact location or artist. I love how it sends a strong anti-McDonald’s message through the appropriation of the famous statue of Perseus holding the head of Medusa, as seen in the image below. Extreme, yes. Hilarious, also yes.  But no amount of over-the-top “McDonald’s is Evil” propaganda will ever keep me away from a tasty Filet O’Fish when the craving strikes.

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Skull Garden Chair

Souviens toi que tu vas mourir (“Remember That You Will Die”) Chair by Pool

This bitchen Skull Garden Chair is part of an art exhibit that you can see at the French Cultural Center if you’re going to be in Milan, Italy between the dates of April 12-17, 2011.

Thanks to Carole J for the Tip!