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The Sex Pistols US Live Debut

“The Time Has Come to do it Now…”

On This Date, January 5th in In 1978: The Sex Pistols played their first US gig at the Great Southeast Music Hall in Atlanta, GA before an estimated attendance of 500 people.

Rant of The Month: COMP*USA Bites the Big One


The following is a letter of grievance sent by a writer friend of mine regarding her local COMP*USA store in Augusta, Georgia in response to the shitty service she received when she took her Apple iBook in for repairs. Enjoy!

Ms. Loretta Anderson
Manager for Corporate Customer Services
14951 North Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75254

Dear Ms. Anderson:

In a world that is so rushed, where few people have the time or patience to help others, where outstanding customer service is a rarity instead of a given, it is always rewarding to shop in a store that treats its patrons with respect and courtesy. Continue reading Rant of The Month: COMP*USA Bites the Big One