Product Review: Your Favorite Flavored Coffee Made With Guilt-Free Skinny Syrups and Sauces

skinny syrups and sauces photo by ail worley
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You might recall that we gave some love to Jordan’s Skinny Mixes sugar-free syrups a while back, so we were naturally thrilled to received a goodie box in the mail packed with new products from their line of Skinny no-guilt sweeteners. Let me introduce you to new Salted Caramel Sauce,  Dark Chocolate Espresso Sauce, and Maple Bourbon Pecan Syrup as the perfect guilt-free addition to your morning routine.

Skinny Sauces and Syrups are the superheroes of guilt-free indulgence. They boast zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar, but trust me, they’re not missing a single ounce of sweetness and flavor. Crafted with top-notch ingredients, these goodies are all about elevating your taste experience without the guilt. It’s like being your own barista, whipping up delicious concoctions while saving both calories and cash – what’s not to love?

Let’s dive into the trio of temptation:

salted caramel sauce lid detail photo by gail worley

Zero-Sugar Salted Caramel Sauce: Salted caramel has been the darling of flavor trends for a while, and Jordan’s has nailed it. The easy-to-open flip-top bottle is a game-changer, with its spill proof feature ensuring that not a drop goes to waste, even if it decides to take a tumble.

salted caramel sauce photo by cail worley

Stir in just a teaspoon or two, and you’re in caramel heaven.

chocolate espresso sauce photo by gail worley

Zero-Sugar Dark Chocolate Espresso Sauce: Calling all coffee lovers, this one’s for you! Infuse your brew with the decadent richness of dark chocolate and the bold kick of espresso. Whether you’re getting fancy and drizzling it over a mound of whipped cream, or simply stirring it directly into your morning cup, it transforms every sip into a luxurious chocolate experience.

maple bourbon pecan syrup photo by gail worley

Zero-Sugar Maple Bourbon Pecan Syrup: This syrup is like a cozy fireside hug for your taste buds. It marries the timeless charm of maple with the warmth of bourbon and the delightful nutty embrace of pecans. Pour it into your morning coffee and be transported to a world of flavor harmony.

But wait, there’s more! These Skinny Sauces and Syrups aren’t just for beverages. Pour them over a stack of pancakes, waffles, or French toast to create a breakfast masterpiece, or let them work their magic on ice cream and other desserts – the possibilities are truly endless!

And the best part? These flavor-packed bottles retail for just $7.99 each, making them perfect for stocking up for holiday entertaining. So go ahead, treat yourself, and share the joy of guilt-free indulgence with your loved ones. Jordan’s Skinny Sauces and Syrups have officially won my heart, one delicious sip at a time!

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