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Restaurant Review: Masseria dei Vini Fine Italian Dining

pasta duo cover photo by gail worley
Pasta to Die For (All Photos By Gail)

Do you like Italian food? I sure do.  Since my favorite neighborhood  place closed before Covid, and Arthur Avenue is a long haul if you’re not already in the area,  I’ve been looking for a restaurant that strikes the perfect balance of location, service, atmosphere and, of course, delicious food, to steal my heart away. Little did I suspect that I would discover a new favorite Italian place in the excellent Masseria dei Vini, conveniently located around the corner from my office. Win win! Continue reading Restaurant Review: Masseria dei Vini Fine Italian Dining

Restaurant Review: Masseria Caffé

masseria caffe exterior shot
Image Courtesy of Benvenuti PR. All Others By Gail

Do you like pastry? I sure do, but my  favorite pastry shop in my east village neighborhood closed years ago and now everything is a trek. Fortunately, I just discovered an amazing pastry shop and café that’s literally across the street from my office. Let me introduce you to Masseria Caffé!

masseria caffe front display and counter photo by gail worley
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Celebrate Restaurant Week With International Flair at UN Plaza Grill

restaurant signage exterior photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Remember The Before Times, when NYC’s semi-annual Restaurant Week lasted just one week? Back then, you had to act fast or miss your chance to dine-out at a fancy, expensive restaurant for a bargain price.  Well, things are different now, and Restaurant Week continues for an entire month!  Wow! This means you still have until August 21st to take advantage of all kinds of special deals. Interested? I hear you, because dining out is awesome. If you’re looking for a place that serves eclectic fare, located in a neighborhood you probably haven’t spent any time in (in other words a Culinary Adventure), I’d like to recommend UN Plaza Grill, the city’s premier globally-inspired kosher restaurant. For what happens to be the 30th Anniversary of NYC Restaurant Week, UN Plaza Grill is offering a  three-course prix fixe for just $60. Let’s take a look at what they’re serving.

tigers mural photo by gail worley
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It’s Mister Softee Season!

I enjoyed my first official Mister Softee treat of the not-quite-Summer season at the beginning to June, when I visited Little Island Park, and it was delicious! Nothing says summer fun quite like a soft serve ice-cream in a cone or cup (my preference, due to less mess)! Are you a vanilla, a chocolate, or a twist fan? And to dip or not to dip? Answers in the comments, please!

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Restaurant Review: TBar Steak & Lounge

T-Bar Steak and Lounge Storefront
Image Courtesy of Lawlor Media. All Other Photos By Gail, Except Where Noted

One of the best things about the expansion of uptown Q Train service is that it’s now so much easier for downtown foodies to escape their dining comfort zone and visit great restaurants on the upper east side, such as TBar Steak & Lounge! At TBar, you’ll encounter the same high quality steaks served at classic, old-school establishments like Morton’s or Bobby Van’s, but TBar’s sleek, contemporary decor elevates the atmosphere to something a bit more festive, while they also offer a broader menu. Despite the word Steak being prominently displayed in its name, TBar’s also serves expertly-prepared fish, chicken and duck dishes as well as burgers, pasta, and huge fresh salads, so there really is something on the menu for every palate.

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