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Emmy Inspired Cocktails Courtesy of Sparkling ICE!

Sparkling ICE Spring Water Ad

With the Emmy Awards airing tonight, and your Drinking Game already in hand, why not enjoy the show with a couple of low-calorie cocktails? The recipes below feature Sparkling ICE, a naturally flavored sparkling water that is zero calories, gluten-free, lightly carbonated…and a delicious addition to any mixed drink. Sparkling ICE contains B-Vitamins and Vitamin D, along with a caffeine-free Green Tea Extract, which contains healthy antioxidants.

And now, to the drinking!

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NYFW Cocktail of The Day: The Market Editor

The Market Editor


Anyone who spends half their time on an airplane searching for the newest designs always looks forward to the comforts of home. In this case it is a sparkling version of a “whiskey sour”.

2 oz quality American Bourbon (Whiskey)

1 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice

Egg white

Polar® Vanilla Seltzer

(if you need to sweeten it add a teaspoon of agave)

Vigorously shake the whiskey, lemon juice and egg white in a shaker. Once there is a bit of froth pour over ice in a double old-fashioned glass. Top generously with Polar® Seltzer.

Bacon Thing of The Day: Make Your Own Bacon Infused Bourbon

New York Magazine’s website has posted a delicious-sounding cocktail recipe for an Old Fashioned made with maple syrup and bacon-infused bourbon. Coincidentally, I was just watching a show on the Food Network the other day where the host made bacon-infused vodka and it looked super easy. I bet this bacony bourbon would be easy to make as well. You can find out for yourself since there are step by step directions on how to make batch at this link on NYMag.com. Try it out and then invite me over for cocktails!

Thanks to Karl “The Monster Lumberjack” Brandt for The Tip!