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Gregos Hiding in a Fire Alarm Box

Photos By Gail

Paying attention all the time is an interesting way to go through the day, but you never know what you might find lurking inside of a derelict Fire Alarm Box. This painted plaster cast of a smiling face and fists is the work of street artist Gregos, who really gets around. You can see additional examples of Gregos‘ artworks, which were also spotted by me in downtown Manhattan, at This Link!

Photographed on the Southwest Corner of 18th Street and 6th Avenue (Across the Street from the Container Store) in Manhattan. (Note: The Artwork has since been removed)

Grigos in Fire Box

NYC Public Phone Booth, Post-Jonas

Snow Booth
Photo By Gail

Winter Storm Jonas dumped Two Feet of white, fluffy snow on NYC on Saturday, January 23rd, and the aftermath is fairly Instagram worthy. This public phone booth, which appears to be “occupied,” stands near the corner of West 53rd Street and 6th Avenue.

Mondrian Storage Bins

Mondrian Storage Bins
Photo By Gail

Piet Mondrian-Inspired Storage Bins Spotted at The Container Store on 6th Avenue and 19th Street. Artsy!

Subway Lines at 14th Street and 6th Ave Reflect Modern Despair

Image Source

In the summer of 2010, the Manhattan Transit Authority repainted the subway signage at 6th Avenue and 14th Street to reflect the addition of the M train to that station. But nobody really stepped back to check out how “F M L” would read to people walking by on the street. Or maybe they just had no idea what that acronym stands for in the modern vernacular.


FML Subway

Updated April 2019:

This Ad for the movie Little seems to fit right in!

FML Subway