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Eye On Design: 3D Printed Bone Dress By Iris van Herpen

Bone Dress
All Photos By Gail

This dress is 3-D printed, and the 3-D file was developed by designer Iris van Herpen along with architect Isaie Bloch. The file-making took two months of intense drawing and a full week of printing in a very sophisticated machine. According to van Herpen, “People often think that when you create something by machine, it is perfect, but this dress is a good example of the opposite. While the dress was printing, many small ‘faults’ happened because of the intense heating of the material. This makes the bones irregular, and makes it look even more real.”

Van Herpen’s lacelike dress, worn as an exoskeleton on the body, is the first 3D-printed garment to enter the Costumes Institute’s collection. The designer blurs traditional distinctions between ready-to-wear and haute couture by fusing the machine made and handmade, they opening up previously unseen possibilities for the future of fashion

Photographed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as Part of the Manus X Machina Fashion Exhibit, which has Now Closed.

Bone Dress Installation View

New Photos Added September 22, 2020 from the 150 Year Anniversary Exhibit: Making The Met!

3d printed bone dress by iris van herpen photo by gail worley
3d printed bone dress by iris van herpen photo by gail worley3d printed bone dress by iris van herpen photo by girl worley