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2023 Burgermobile From the Movie Good Burger 2

good burger car photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

The basic plot of the  1997 comedy film Good Burger revolves around the misadventures of two friends, Ed (played by Kel Mitchell) and Dexter (played by Kenan Thompson), who work at a fast-food restaurant called Good Burger. The movie is based on a recurring sketch from the Nickelodeon comedy series All That. If you’ve seen the film, you may recall that it featured a distinctive customized vehicle, known as the Good Burger car, used by the characters while making food deliveries.
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3 Signs it May be Time for You to Sell Your Vehicle

black mercedes benz convertible
Photo by Mike Bird on Pexels.com

A lot of people make the mistake of keeping a vehicle longer than they should, but they often don’t realize how bad of a decision it is to run a car into the ground. They usually end up spending much more than they should on fuel, since older vehicles are less efficient, and expose themselves to unnecessary risks by driving a car with outdated safety features.
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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Tesla!

pink tesla front view
All Photos By Gail

I hate Elon Musk, but this Pink Tesla, which I spotted on 14th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues one recent evening, is an admittedly nice-looking car. I had never seen one before in person, and I admit I was impressed. Because, Pink Car!

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Steps to Take When You’re Involved in a Car Accident

a minor car accident
Photo by Nikita Nikitin on Pexels.com

Car accidents are a rare phenomenon in the UK. In 2020, we saw a 17% decline in fatalities, year to year – but the trend was downward long before Covid-19 became a factor, thanks to a combination of changes in driving culture and improved safety technology. If you’re part of the unfortunate minority who find themselves involved in an accident or fender bender, however, then those statistics might not be much consolation. Let’s walk through some of the steps you’ll need to follow in the aftermath of any collision.
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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Pickup Truck Spring Centerpiece

pink pickup truck centerpiece photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Looking now at this Baby-Pink Toy Pickup Truck whose bed is filled with a cargo of pastel-colored eggs and tulips, it just seems so obvious that it should have been the week’s Pink Thing on Good Friday, but I wasn’t playing close enough attention. So, my bad — you get it two weeks later. Still in plenty of time for spring!

Photographed in the Front Window of TJ Maxx, Located on the Corner of West 57th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan.