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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Morganite Crystal Goddess

Pink Morganite Goddess
Photo By Gail

As a way to escape the oppressive heat here in Manhattan this past Sunday, we went on an Urban Adventure to the American Museum of Natural History, where we spotted this little Pink Morganite Goddess statue is on display in The Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems. If you haven’t yet managed to see this particular area of the museum, you really do need to check it out.

The Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems exhibits a vast array of precious and ornamental stones — uncut, polished, and even a few set in elaborate pieces of jewelry — as well as organic materials such as coral and amber, that are prized as gems. The exhibit gallery is also designed like you are perusing a rather posh jewelry store, and benefits from what I would refer to as “mood lighting. The effect is very calming.

Morganite is a stone that is often called Pink Emerald, probably because both of these stones are varieties of Beryl. You will learn so music about gems and minerals during your visit, and it is a nice break from the Dinosaurs.

Gemstone Sculptures

Here’s nice shot of the entire display case.

Pink Morganite Goddess

And here’s a slightly more in-focus close-up of the same statue, with Geoffrey photo bombing in the background.

Modern Art Monday Presents: Louise Bourgeois, Quarantania, I

LouiseBourgeois, “Quarantania, I,”
Louise Bourgeois, Quarantania, I, 1947-53; reassembled by the artist 1981 (Photo By Gail)

French-born Louise Bourgeois made these wooden totem-like figures early on in her career. In this piece, she brings together several of those individual pieces on a single base.

According to MOMA Curator, Deborah Wye, the sculptures were meant to not only represent friends and family that she had left behind when she left Paris and moved to the United States, but also her family at this time, including her husband and three small boys. The figure in the middle has three appendages attached to it, and this piece, when it was shown by itself, is called Woman with Packages. Bourgeois had said that these represented her three children who she was responsible for, and she felt were always attached to her in one way or another.

Louise Bourgeois passed away in 2010, at the age of 98. She was actively creating art right up until the time of her death.