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Eye On Design: Stone Garden Apartment Building, Beirut

stone garden building photo by gail worley
Stone Garden as Photographed in 2020 By Iwan Baan (This Photo and All Others By Gail)

Stone Garden (2020)  is a 13-story residential tower imbued with hopeful futures for inhabitants of a postwar city. Conceived by Beirut-born architect Lina Ghotmeh as an inhabited sculpture, it transforms tumultuous events into creative potential. Continue reading Eye On Design: Stone Garden Apartment Building, Beirut

Eye On Design: Corbin Sparrow Electric Car

corbin sparrow photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Mike Corbin, producer of Corbin motorcycle seats and accessories, designed the Sparrow Personal Transportation Pod in 1996 to provide efficient personal transport with zero-emissions.

Continue reading Eye On Design: Corbin Sparrow Electric Car

Celebrate Earth Day, 2012!

Happy Earth Day Heart

Happy Earth Day,  Everyone! Here in New York City there are quite a few free events and programs going on around town in Central Park, Times Square, The Highline Park and the New York Botanical Garden, to name just a few. Find out what’s going on in your neighborhood at NYC Earth Day Events.

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We all share this planet so please do your part to Save The Earth!

Springtime Flowers Yellow and Pink

Green House!

Green House
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I figured I should get this posted while it’s still St. Patrick’s Day!

Creative “No Littering” Sign!

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