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Drink Coaster with Pop Out Sheep Figure

Sheep Figure Coaster
Photos By Gail

Just in case the act of drinking was not enough to keep you thoroughly amused, the open bar at a recent art event I attended had these coasters with an adorable little pop out sheep figure that you could assemble while you leaned against the bar and looked over at the hipster art / art fans with feigned disinterest. Visual instructions on how to assemble the sheep, as you can see, are included on the coaster.

Behold, the fully assembled sheep, below!

Sheep Figure

Fiat’s Pop Up Gallery Bids ‘Arrivederci’ to Soho

The FIATpop-up gallery in SoHo has closed its doors after hosting a run of great art events, parties and performances. Geoffrey and I were excited to celebrate its success by attending the closing night party on Saturday April 30th. The space at 18 Wooster Street (formerly the home of art gallery Deitch Projects) was a futuristic showroom of the tiny foreign cars displayed amid bitchen car-themed art, spreads of tasty Greek food and a variety of alcohol and other potent potables. We especially enjoyed the made-to-order shaved ice drenched in sour cherry syrup and vodka – lip-smacking! British soul-funk/electronica singer Jamie Lidell energized the crowd with a lively performance at 6:30 PM, followed by a DJ set by Special Disco Version featuring James Murphy and Pat Mahoney of the recently disbanded LCD Soundsystem.  As expected, the place was lousy with hipsters, but G and I effectively worked the room and had a blast before heading further downtown to a Birthday party (shout out to Yvonne!) on the roof deck of a luxury building on Leonard Street. Oh, what a night!

The Smiths Refuse to Reunite for Hipsters

On This Date, March 17th in 2006: The Smiths turned down a $5 million offer to reunite as headliners of the Coachella Festival in California. Good for them.

Pink Thing of The Day: Flying Martini Glass Over Williamsburg Bridge

Flying Pink Martini at 2 O’Clock off the Williamsburg Bridge . . . The Hipsters Cometh.