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Modern Art Monday Presents: Pray for Rain (Prayer Wheel) By Sant Khalsa

pray for rain prayer wheel by sant khalsa photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Artist Sant Khalsa’s Statement on Pray for Rain (Prayer Wheel) 2015

“Living in the Mojave Desert, drought, and climate change are my impetus for the creation of Pray For Rain. The kinetic sculpture is intended to emote a message of emergency and distress – a focused plea for water – required for life and survival. The artwork integrates ideas from my earlier Distress Signals work about climate change, and the environmental crisis produced in the late 1980s and 1990s. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Presents: Pray for Rain (Prayer Wheel) By Sant Khalsa

Why Are People Drawn To Water?

gentle waves

Water is one of the most essential elements for human life, being necessary for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. It also plays a vital role in manufacturing and agriculture. It’s no secret why is water so important to us, but let’s take closer look at the role it plays in daily life.

Water is a Biological Necessity

Water is essential for life because it’s a necessary component of human physiology. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Water is needed for all of the body’s chemical reactions and is involved in many important processes, including regulating body temperature and transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
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The Drop, Vancouver BC Waterfront

the drop by inges dee photo by gail worley
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Anyone who’s visited Vancouver knows it’s a beautiful city with endless natural wonders to enjoy and explore. It makes sense that much of their public art also thematically emulates and plays with nature. A perfect example is The Drop (2009) which was conceived and created by Inges Idee, a group of four Berlin-based German artists: Hans Hemmert, Axel Lieber, Thomas Schmidt and George Zey. The group’s activity focuses on art in public spaces, with The Drop being their first installation in North America. Continue reading The Drop, Vancouver BC Waterfront

Product Review: Just Water, Sustainably Sourced from the First Drop!

Just Water and Pitcher
All Photos By Gail

With single-use plastics on the way out, one consumer item that will be most-impacted by the need for alternative packaging is something we use every day: Water. Most everyone carries their own portable water bottle when they’re on-the-go these days, but when you’re away from a source for refilling that bottle, the need to buy ‘bottled’ water remains. It’s exciting to see how manufacturers will meet the demand for sustainable consumer packaging going forward, and one company that’s definitely blazing the trail is JUST Water, a product that I was introduced to at the recent BDNY Hospitality Industry show at Javits Center. Continue reading Product Review: Just Water, Sustainably Sourced from the First Drop!