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Pink Thing of The Day: Subway Ad for The Jim Gaffigan Show

Jim Gaffigan Show
Photo By Gail

Jim Gaffigan is so hilarious. Are you already watching this? If it started on Father’s Day, I guess I need to catch up!

Movie Review: Going the Distance is Surprisingly Hilarious and Fun!

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Grope Each Other in Going the Distance

As big of a movie fan as I admit to being, generally speaking, I would much prefer to have my eyes gouged out with a hot poker than sit through a Romantic Comedy. Because contrary to popular belief, the lowest form of humor is not the pun, it is the romantic comedy: which is almost without exception neither romantic nor funny. So, when I made the decision to attend a screening last evening of the new Drew Barrymore flick, Going The Distance, I was hedging bets that I’d find it irredeemably heinous: especially based on the commercials which make this film seem like viewing it would be only slightly more fun than root canal therapy. But, surprise! I was wrong: Going the Distance is awesome!

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Happy Birthday Wishes to Ringo Starr!

Ringo Birthday
‘This Boy’ is Sixty-Seven Years Old Today!

July 7, 2007 is supposed to be the luckiest day this year, so what a great day to have a birthday! Not only was Beatles‘ drummer Ringo Starr born on this date in 1940, but today is also the anniversary of birth for skater Michelle Kwan, classical composer Gustav Mahler and comic Jim Gaffigan. Have a lucky Birthday all you fierce Cancer people out there!