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Jerry Seinfeld is Street Art!

Jerry Seinfeld
Photo By Gail

What I like about this wheat-paste — by Brooklyn Street Artist SacSix — is that it’s actually a clever mash-up of the famous Bob Gruen photo of John Lennon in his New York City T-Shirt, with the head of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The pigeon on Jerry/John’s shoulder utters a catch phrase from a memorable episode of Sienfeld, which makes this a quintessentially NYC bit of ephemera.

Above Image Photographed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn near the Bedford L Train Station. Image Below added March 14th 2020 as seen on East 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue, Manhattan.

Jerry Seinfeld By Sac Six By Gail Worley

All Of Seinfeld In a Single Image

Seinfeld Picture
The Puffy Shirt!

Bored at work? Why not have a contest with a co-worker to see how many Seinfeld memes you can spot in this image I found on Millionaire Playboy! Time wasting was never so much fun!