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New Spirit Group Show at Dorian Grey Gallery

Sean Sullivan Layer Cake Speed Racer
Speed Racer By Sean Sullivan (Layer Cake) (All Photos By Gail)

NYC’s premier East Village Street Art Gallery, Dorian Grey, kicks off the new year with a vibrant group show featuring three artists who have already established their brand in the realms of Street Art, Illustration, Clothing Design and beyond. New Spirit fills the intimate gallery space with recent works and a special series of collaboration paintings between artists John Paul O’Grodnick (JPO), Sean Sullivan (Layer Cake) and Mike Mozart (MiMo).
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Recipe of the Day: Meatloaf Cake!

Meat Loaf Cake
Mmm . . . Meaty!

This is a picture of a layer cake made of ground beef and frosted with mashed potatoes to make a hearty Meatloaf Cake. I’m a big fan of meatloaf, so it looks pretty tasty to me. You can find out how to make your very own meatloaf cake right here.

Meat Loaf Cake 2
Everybody Loves Meat Cake!