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Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect

malaysian leaf insect photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Giant Malaysian Leaf Insects, also known as walking leaves or leaf mimics, are fascinating creatures found in Southeast Asia. They belong to the order Phasmatodea, which includes stick insects and leaf insects. These insects are known for their remarkable leaf-like appearance, which helps them blend seamlessly into their surroundings, providing camouflage and protection from predators. Continue reading Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect

Zengo’s Latest Test Kitchen Presents the Flavors of Peru to Malaysia!

Zengo Test Kitchen Menu
Above Photo By Gail, All Food Photos Courtesy of Berk Communications

I can’t be the only fan who was disappointed see Chef and Restaurateur Richard Sandoval get eliminated so early in the competition on the most recent season of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters. Hopefully there will be a next time for this talented and enterprising chef to compete on the show, because Sandoval’s Zengo and Raymi are two of my favorite restaurants in New York City!

Right now, Zengo is taking its ever-revolving blend of Latin-Asian cuisines on an adventure with Peru and Malaysia. I was recently invited to a press dinner where we sampled select new items on the Test Kitchen Menu. Here’s a preview of what’s new at Zengo!

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Singapura Offers A Taste of Singapore in Curry Hill

Singapura Atmosphere Shot
Unique Lotus Flower Lamps Set the Mood at Singapura (All Photos By Anne Raso)

The NYC neighborhood known as Curry Hill (Lexington Avenue between, say, 26th and 29th Streets) is a popular dining destination for local foodies looking to satisfy their cravings for authentic Indian cuisine. But those seeking a bit of diversity in their quest for an Asian food fix have a new options, thanks to Singapura, which recently opened on this Lexington Avenue strip of restaurants and spice shops. The modern city-state of Singapore is a melting pot of Thai, Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures and the menu at Singapura offers a window into this diversity, drawing inspiration from the varied culinary traditions that make up that region while remaining familiar to the American palate.

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