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Yellow Submarine Tea Ball

“We All Drink Tea From a Yellow Submarine…”

I can’t say whether it makes the tea taste more delicious, but heck if it wouldn’t make teatime a whole lot more fun if you could put your loose tea leaves into this Yellow Submarine Tea Ball, which I found over at Fred Flare – a pretty cool site to find neat stuff. The “Tea Sub,” as they call it, sells for $14, and can be purchased by clicking the link above. Tea Sub!

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Thanks to Lisa at Skulls & Bacon For the Tip!

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Air Freshener

Bacon Air Freshener
“Mmm…Smells Like Bacon!”

Yes, this is a real product. From the website Smell of Books comes a variety of modern scents for your home, including: New Book Smell, Classic Musty Smell, Scent of Sensibility and Eau You Have Cats. But my favorite is the Crunchy Bacon scent, the first aroma in Smell of Books’ new Lifestyle Series™. “Designed especially for the health conscious book lover, Crunchy Bacon is a low calorie, low cholesterol alternative for your breakfast reading enjoyment. Suggested Retail Price: $4.99. What a bargain.

Bacon Thing of The Day: Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game!

Mr Bacon Game
“Let’s Play!”

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure is by far the most mouth-watering, meat-centric board game ever created! As you move your bacon character along the path through Meatland you’ll have to navigate your way through areas like the Mustard Marsh, the Wiener Wasteland and the Sausage Sea. The first one to make it to the frying pan at the end of the trail wins! Includes gameboard with spinner, four game pieces with plastic stands, twenty-four game cards and alternate rules that turn the game into a gluttonous meat feast! Available from Archie McPhee for just $19.95!

Thanks to Skulls and Bacon For The Tip!

Mr Bacon Board

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Soap!

Bacon Soap
Mmmm, Smells Like Bacon!

What could be more alluring than having your significant other cuddle you close while remarking on how you smell like delicious bacon after showering with this tantalizing-looking Bacon Soap, available from Archie McPhee via The Neato Shop ($7.95/ea), of course!

Pink Thing of the Day: Keyboard for Blondes!

Here is something else I would like to receive as a gift for the holidays, the Keyboard for Blondes! Blondes have suffered decades of ridicule, but it’s time to embrace the jokes. When it comes to a hot-pink boost of self-confidence, Keyboard for Blondes may do the trick! These all pink keyboards swap out standard keys with funnier, silly key names. The backspace key now says “Oops!” and the entire row of function keys spells out USELESS KEYS. Hit the “$” sign and you get the sound of a cash register clinking! Blondes can even get a little technical and use special keys that type out “OMG,” “ALI” (Absolutely Love It!) or “XOXO.” My favorite? The caps lock key now says: “Warning! size XXL letters.” This fully functional keyboard sells for $49.95 and is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Thanks to Geekologie for the tip!