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Car Service Checklist For Any Long Road Trip


Summer may be coming to an end, but it’s still possible to plan a fun road trip! The thing is, preparing to go on a long trip is always stressful, because it’s not just one or two days; it’s an adventure lasting a week or even a month. The most important way to save your peace of mind is to check the condition of your vehicle before you hit the road.
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Researching Products for Your Truck, 2022

2022 trucks
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So, you’ve decided to buy a 2022 truck. Congratulations on your vehicle upgrade! Now comes the fun part — purchasing products to make your new truck even better. Adding a few finishing touches and product upgrades is a great way to customize your new truck to your liking. But you don’t want to waste your money on products that may not work with your vehicle’s make or model. Here are a few tips to try when researching products for your 2022 truck. Continue reading Researching Products for Your Truck, 2022

Instagram Photo of The Week: A Bling Skull in the Snow

In a fairly eventful week that included a Street Art Safari, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, three museum visits, and a Chelsea art crawl, my most popular Instagram post of the past week is this fabulous Bling Skull hood ornament emerging from the softly gathering snow. When you have an iPhone at-the-ready, art is everywhere.

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Eye On Design: SMEG500 Retro Fiat Wine Refrigerator!

Smeg Fiat 500 Wine Cooler
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If you like retro foreign cars, and also drinking, here’s a way to combine those two passions without risking arrest or death. The SMEG500, launched in Paris in May 2013, is a Refrigerator / Wine Cooler representing a creative collaboration between SMEG — makers fine retro-look refrigerators and other high end kitchen appliances — and Fiat, the iconic Italian car manufacturer. Talk about a sweet ride! Continue reading Eye On Design: SMEG500 Retro Fiat Wine Refrigerator!