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Happy Birthday, Ian Anderson!

jethro tull warchild cover photo by gail worley
Jethro Tull Warchild Cover (Photo By Gail)

Ian Anderson, singer for Jethro Tull, master flutist and mysterious pixie-man creature was born on this day, August 10th, in 1947! Jethro Tull sure was one of my very favorite bands when I was a teenager. Favorite Jethro Tull albums: Songs from the Wood and War Child. Favorite Jethro Tull Songs: “Teacher,” “Nothing Is Easy” and “Living In The Past,” which is basically my theme song. Happy Birthday, Ian!

Lyrics of the Day: “Sleep That Burns” by Be Bop Deluxe

No matter how I shuffle the iPod, this is the song that comes on as I’m waiting for the PATH Train at Newport Pavonia every weekday morning. And what a great song it is.

A brass band is playing
Rehearsing its thrills
All half-moon and cloudy,
All golden and shrill

I’ve got a sleep that burns
A sleep that burns
Got a sleep that burns all night

I’m locked in your dark world
Where hearts hold the keys,
Half-opened, enchanted, half-truth and half dreams…

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Punky Meadows Found Lurking on Myspace

Punky Meadows Pout
’70s Rock God Punky Meadows and His World Famous Pout

I just about lost my mind the other day when I accidentally tripped over Punky Meadows’ Myspace Page ! Back in the ’70s, where all of the best music comes from, Punky was the guitarist for the progressive, glam-metal, pomp rock band, Angel. These days he apparently lives comfortably in the past and runs a tanning salon. Myspace is the greatest thing ever!