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Lyrics of The Day: Jethro Tull’s “Hymn 43”

Jesus Saves Neon Cross
Photo By Gail

Oh father high in heaven , smile down upon your son
whose busy with his money games — his women and his gun.
Oh Jesus save me!

And the unsung Western hero, killed an Indian or three
and made his name in Hollywood
to set the white man free.
Oh Jesus save me!
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Pink Thing of The Day: Neal Smith Vintage Premier Drum Ad!

Neal Smith Pink Premier Ad
Image Courtesy of Neal Smith

Currently Up for Auction on eBay: This vintage (circa 1973) Premier Drum Ad ran in all of the popular music magazines during the global Billion Dollar Babies tour featuring the original band called Alice Cooper. This Ad is signed personally by R&R Hall Of Fame inductee, drummer Neal Smith and is surely a very rare piece of Seventies Glam Rock History. The Auction runs through Monday December 9th, 2013.

Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley Jack in the Boxes

Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley Jack in the Boxes

Photographed at David Burke in the Box Restaurant, Bloomingdale’s, NYC.

Back to The Old House

Gail OHS 79

Me at Age 18. Best. ’70s. Hair. Ever.

Hey Kids! I’ll be heading out west for a few days to attend my one hundred million billionth High School Reunion out in the OC, so blog posts will be a little sparse. If  I can just stomach the deluge of Styx and Boston songs the DJ plays, I’m certainly expecting this shindig to be more hilarity than horror-show. But you never can tell.

Alice Cooper’s Top Hat Sells on eBay for Over $1700

Alice Cooper Was a Band

Those of you who have a lot of stuff and junk gathering dust in your closets, garages, basements and attics might want to do a little house cleaning and see if your unwanted memorabilia could bring you a few bucks. This vintage, silk top hat orignally owned by Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith and formerly worn by both Alice and Neal on the band’s School’s Out tour in 1972 just sold on eBay for over $1700!

The Hat