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Modern Art Monday Presents: Anne Savage, Country Scene

anne savage country scene photo by gail rorley
Photo by Gail

Known for her lyrical, rhythmic landscapes, Anne Savage (18961971) was one of several important women artists who were active in Montreal after the First World War. As with the Group of Seven, she shared  a romantic vision of the Canadian landscape as a symbol of nationalism, as well as a modernist concern for the formal elements of painting. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Presents: Anne Savage, Country Scene

Happy Birthday, Ian Anderson!

Ian Anderson with Flute

Ian Anderson, singer for Jethro Tull, master flutist and mysterious pixie-man creature was born on this day, August 10th, in 1947! Jethro Tull sure was one of my very favorite bands when I was a teenager. Favorite Jethro Tull albums: Songs from the Wood and War Child. Favorite Jethro Tull Songs: “Teacher,” “Nothing Is Easy” and “Living In The Past,” which is basically my theme song. Happy Birthday, Ian!