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Pink Thing of The Day: Hot Pink Skateboard

Pink Skateboard and Model
Image Courtesy of Tiggy Ticehurst

Hey check out this rad Pink Skateboard! Or maybe you were thinking…”Skateboard? What Skateboard?”

Damien Hirst Skate Deck

Damien Hirst Skate Deck
Photo By Gail

The New Museum of Contemporary Art on Bowery in NYC is selling this Damien Hirst Spot Painting Skateboard Deck in its gift shop, but I didn’t even bother to look at the sale price. Seen here with Skull Bunny Playboy-inspired logo Designed by Lawrence Weiner with Artwork by Richard Prince. Functional Art!

Shark Attack High Heels!

Shark Attack High Heels
Image Source

As we wrap up a fantastic Shark (Attack) Week, I must show off these Fierce Shark Attack High Heeled Shoes, which were submitted to The Gig by my cutting edge pal Karl! Thank You, Karl!

Shark Attack High Heeled Shoes
Above Image Found on Pinterest 7-8-20