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Cuteness Alert: Baby Pig Napping with Stuffed Pig

Baby Pig Napping
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The Cuteness. This photo makes me want to nap.

Cuteness Alert: Piglet Sleeping on Plastic Strawberry

Piglet on a Strawberry

Let the squeeling begin.

Thanks to Wanda Rodriguez for the Image!

Moat Bed: A Cool Thing to Sleep On

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This is probably one of the coolest and most impressive bedroom designs ever! I’m not nuts about the orange paint job in this room (because you know pink is my color) — and the ‘fondant-like’ drape of the colorless linens is a huge turn-off — but I sure do love the idea of sleeping on a bed that’s suspended over a small body of water. Sleeping is one of my favorite activities and I am sure that being cradled in such a nocturnal environment as this would inspire me to have very comforting dreams.  Water beds have never really been my thing, but this I like!

It’s Official: I Am A Fan Of Sleeping!

Sleeping Rocks!

I just joined Sleeping‘s personal fan page on Face Book. How much does that rule? I love to sleep.

Top Ten Reasons Why Today is a Great Day

Black Nike sneakers
Free Sneakers Are Good Sneakers

Here are my Top Ten reasons why this day Rocks:

1. Was able to sleep until 7:00 AM* before my Upststairs-Neighbors-from-Hell woke me with their incessant cacaphony of moving furniture and dropping bowling balls on the floor (*usually it starts closer to 5 or 6:00 AM)! Continue reading Top Ten Reasons Why Today is a Great Day