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Kin>/I> Group Show at Sloan Fine Art

“Burden of the Illusionist” by Jean-Pierre Roy (2011)

My favorite painting included in Sloan Fine Art’s current group exhibit, Kin, is “Burden of the Illusionist” by American painter Jean-Pierre Roy. The painting is quite large (60″ x 42″) and includes extremely appealing colors (that are not done justice in this photograph) such as teal blue and lots of bright orange and pink integrated into the sunset below the clouds. There is so much going on in this painting that you could have a dozen conversations about it. I had the opportunity to talk to the artist at this past Saturday’s opening event and he was very enthusiastic about discussing “Burden of the Illusionist.” I offered my impression that the painting depicts a type of dam or power plant at the end of the day, contrasted against the stillness of its surrounding natural environment. Jean-Pierre expanded on my take to offer that the painting visually discusses the relationship between man-made power and power or movement created by nature.  In the far background of the scene you can make out flocks of migratory birds dotting the sky, while also easily being able to imagine that a storm (definitely a source of electrical power) is on its way. Even Roy’s brush strokes suggest movement. He also explained that the bright pink circles at the top of each tower, which looked to me like neon signage, are actually radiating Tesla coils. I really enjoyed talking to Jean-Pierre about his painting and it is something I would very much love to have in my home if I had a spare $12 grand to throw down.

Kin also includes works by Mia Brownell, Nicole Etienne, Clare Grill, Greg Hopkins, Noah Landfield, Jonathan Viner and Jeremy Wagner. In the gallery’s rear “project” room, you can enjoy a few moments of quiet darkness as the you assess the flickering, projected images of Kammeropolis, an installation by Daimon Marchand which seems to be about the secret life of goldfish.

Kin and Kammeropolis are on Exhibit through May 28, 2011 at Sloan Fine Art, Located at the corner of Norfolk and Rivington Streets in NYC. Gallery Hours are Wednesday through Sunday, Noon  to 6 PM, and by Appointment.

Who Killed Bambi?

The Folly of St. Hubertus (2010) by Elizabeth McGrath
Sculpture Stands 23″ H x 15″ W x 24″ L
Mixed Media with Gold Leaf and Swarovski Crystals
Price: $22,000
On Exhibit at Sloan Fine Art (Corner of Norfolk and Rivington, NYC) through April 30, 2011

Schiller’s Liquor Bar Gives Away Free Donuts

Geoffrey and I were sitting on a bench outside of a boutique sandwich shop located at the south west corner of Rivington and Norfolk Streets. This was on Wednesday night at about 6:00 PM. We were waiting to cross the street and check out an opening at Sloan Fine Art Gallery, and we did not want to appear too eager. As Geoffrey was sitting to my left and facing east, he suddenly punctuated our conversation with the phrase, “I think that guy across the street is giving away donuts.” It does not take much more than that to get my attention. I turned to see a man standing just outside the entrance to Schiller’s Liquor Bar, at the south east corner of the intersection, holding a neatly stacked tower of donuts on a silver cake plate.

We made haste to cross the street in his direction. “Are you giving away these donuts?” Geoffrey asked the man? “Yes, something something blah blah free donuts,” the man replied. So, Geoffrey and I each took one of the donuts, which were the old fashioned, plain cake donuts, sprinkled liberally with cinnamon and sugar, and still tasting quite fresh and moist. Yummy! Free Donuts! New York City!

“I See The Donuts”

Alternative Press 25th Anniversary Show At Sloan Fine Art

Starting today, the Sloan Fine Art Gallery on the lower east side is hosting the Alternative Press 25th Anniversary Art Exhibition for three days only! I realize that all of the indie rock hipsters are busy with CMJ crap this week, but I attended the opening party  last night and can assure you that  this exhibit is definitely worth your time to run over and check it out between your showcases and random pukefests.  For this special exhibition, the gallery’s rear room has been transformed with tons of cool photographs, milestones and memoirs from the Alternative Press archives while the main gallery highlights original artworks from artists/musicians who have been featured in the magazine over the years. It was sweetly nostalgic  for me, looking through everything and remembering way back when Trent Reznor used to get me all hot and bothered and I could stand to listen to a Nine Inch Nails CD for more that 30 seconds. Good times.

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