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Stikman Lives!

Stikman Stencil
Photo By Gail

Hey, remember when you used to see Stikman everywhere? I haven’t seen him as much around NYC recently, but I did spot this nice Stikman Stencil right outside of Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s West 23rd Street space. So, I thought I should snap him. Stikman Lives!

Sur-Real at Woodward Gallery

Cristina Vergano
Art By Cristina Vergano (All Photos By Gail)

Not necessarily comprised of surrealist works, Sur-real is a bit of a mixed exhibit bag now showing at Woodward Gallery on the Lower East Side. Participating artists include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Thomas Buildmore, Deborah Claxton, Sybil Gibson, Richard Hambleton, Kosbe, David Larson, Mark Mastroianni, Margaret Morrison, NoseGo, Kenji Nakayama, Dennis Oppenheim, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, stikman, Jeremy Szopinski, Francesco Tumbiolo, Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk, Cristina Vergano, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Andy Warhol, so there’s something for just about every taste in modern and contemporary art. Continue reading Sur-Real at Woodward Gallery