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Saki the Sad Dog By Michael George

Photo By Geoffrey Dicker

Saki the Sad Dog is the creation of artist Michael George. Michael sells Saki on tiny 3 x 3″ canvases from a table he sets up  on either  Spring or Prince Street (I found him on Spring just a few steps east of the Opera Gallery). The canvases are painted with all different colors to create vibrant backgrounds: some multicolored (like what you see pictured above) and some solid colors, so you can  choose one that really matches your décor or your mood.

In addition to these tiny and very affordable canvases ($5 dollars each), Michael sells T-shirts with his original designs that not only include Saki’s head, but also a really fun design featuring an automatic weapon with a slogan underneath it “For When the Neighbors Get Out of Hand,” or something similar. Controversy! Michael says the T-Shirt was inspired by the Columbine tragedy. At any rate, they certainly are topical! If you happen to be in the SoHo neighborhood on the weekend and you find yourself on Spring Street (most weekends) or Prince Street (once in a while), take a look out for Michael and pick yourself up some affordable art!