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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Panther Sweater

pink panther sweater photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

H&M were selling this amazing Pink Panther sweater back in the fall and can you believe I didn’t buy it? What was I even thinking? Perhaps I looked at the care label and was dissuaded by the relative polyester content of the garment versus natural fabrics like cotton or silk, because too much polyester can be less-than-desirable with in a sweater, no matter how bitchen’ the design is. I’m kind of kicking myself now though, because of course it sold out in just a few days. Sigh.

pink panther sweater photo by gail worley

Merry Christmas 2020, From The Worley Gig!

merry xmas bitches photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

While looking through a folder I keep of holiday-themed photos that I can use for blog posts when I need an image in a pinch, look what I found! Jesus, what a perfect ornament to punctuate a year that has — no one would argue — not been anyone’s favorite. As we move towards the light of 2021, let’s all try to find something to be grateful for on this Christmas day. While I am unable to be with my family and friends in California for the holidays, because of the Covid, I am making the most of staying here in NYC, where I tend to miss out on the best parts of the season because I am always out of town at this time of year. So, Merry Christmas, bitches, and my best to all of you!

Pink Thing of The Day: Snake Wearing a Pink Sweater

Snake Wearing Pink Sweater

Well, I wasn’t sure whether it would be best to post these adorable photos of a snake wearing a sweater in the “Pink Thing of The Day” or the “Yes, it Exists” Category. Ultimately, the Pink Sweater swayed my decision.

Thanks to Neatorama for the Tip!

Snake Wearing Pink Sweater 2

Cuteness Alert: Pug Puppy in Dinosaur Sweater

Pug Puppy In Dinosaur Sweater
Image Source

I can’t believe how cute this is. And yet, it exists: a photo of a pug puppy wearing a red dinosaur sweater costume. The cuteness.