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Eye On Design: Gingham Ensemble By Claudia Li

gingham ensemble by claudia li photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Designer Claudia Li’s autumn/winter 2020 collection, entitled 3.16.19, is a tribute to her grandfather, who passed away in 2019. The designs in the collection reflect Li’s memories of him, the imprint of their experiences together in China, and the creative ability passed through generations.

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Modern Art Monday Presents: Triple Helix By Kelly Akashi

triple helix by kelly akashi photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Kelly Akashi’s Triple Helix (2020) evokes relationships among bodies across time, history, and memory.  Akashi imagines the biomorphic glass sculptures — inspired by the simple contours of figural, pre-Hispanic ceramics — as ancestral female bodies tethered by a snaking coil of rope.

triple helix detail photo by gail worley

When the quartz bell suspended overhead is chimed, it emits a low-pitched tone that Akashi intends “to be felt in the deepest part of your body.” The combinatin of sound, vibrations, and blown glass encourages a moment of reverent self-awareness.

Photographed in The Brooklyn Museum.

triple helix by kelly akashi photo by gail worley

Merry Christmas 2020, From The Worley Gig!

merry xmas bitches photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

While looking through a folder I keep of holiday-themed photos that I can use for blog posts when I need an image in a pinch, look what I found! Jesus, what a perfect ornament to punctuate a year that has — no one would argue — not been anyone’s favorite. As we move towards the light of 2021, let’s all try to find something to be grateful for on this Christmas day. While I am unable to be with my family and friends in California for the holidays, because of the Covid, I am making the most of staying here in NYC, where I tend to miss out on the best parts of the season because I am always out of town at this time of year. So, Merry Christmas, bitches, and my best to all of you!

Must Own: F*CK 2020 T-Shirt

fuck2020 t shirt

Is it even necessary to explain why you need to own this shirt? I don’t think so. I bet you’ve got lots of reasons why a shirt that declares Fuck 2020 in bold lettering on a none-more-black shirt (although the shirt is available in your choice of 15 different colors) could be the star of  your wardrobe right now! Visit This Link to purchase one for just $19.95!

fuck 2020 t shirt detail

Yes, It Exists: Covid-Themed Holiday Ornament!

covid holiday ornament 2020

Holy Mother Of God. As if 2020 is a year that anyone really wants to memorialize for eternity, a company calling itself Dot Com Product  has created a Covid-19 themed ornament with that you can personalize and add to your Holiday Tree. Unreal. According to the description (unedited by me): “Each ornament is complemented with 2020 memorabilia including adorable Santa Hat Persons Wearing Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Toilet Paper, and the Year 2020” (with a Covid Germ representing the First Zero). Kill me.

covid holiday ornament 2020

You can order these crazy things with up to seven individual masked-heads (depending on how many people in your family survived the year, I suppose), and you can also add a pet. You have to personalize the ornaments yourself though (a black sharpie is recommended). If this looks like the bad taste / white elephant gift you need to own, you can read more about them, and place an order, at This Link.