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Video Clip of The Week: “Mistake” by Honduras

Hey, do you like the late ’70s Punk Rock? I sure do. Even before I read a single word about this band, Honduras, I listened to their great tune, “Mistake,” and was so cheered by the song’s seamless infusion of subtle yet tangible influences of early Red Kross (yes, I just typed that) and The Buzzcocks. Oh boy, who even does that anymore? Answer: No one. No one does it.

So, imagine my level of ecstatic delight when I read that Honduras‘ founding members, Patrick Phillips (vocals/guitar) and Tyson Moore (guitar/vocals) are actually inspired by late 70’s punk (emphasis mine), but (quoting from Press Release) “[are] mixing in aspects of garage and indie music that followed. Honduras played Brooklyn’s DIY venue scene tirelessly and garnered a reputation for amazing live performances, being compared to bands like The Sex Pistols and The Buzzcocks.” I enjoy reading stuff like that, because it just validates the fact that I know my shit. I can’t believe how much I rule.

Another thing I like about “Mistake” is how it mixes art in with the music by having brightly-colored paints poured over the lead vocalist’s head repeatedly. So simple, as yet so effective. Having two EPs under their belts, Honduras’ upcoming debut LP will be released in the spring of 2015! Like them on the FaceBook at This Link! Enjoy!

Honduras Band Press

Video Clip of The Week: Dinosaur Pile Up, “Peninsula”

Ever since The Beatles crossed the pond in the early ’60s, the UK has been a fertile breeding ground for innovative rock music. Dinosaur Pile Up is Rock/Pop UK-based band I just heard about and they impress me as being pretty groovy. While their press compares DPU’s music to “an early New Found Glory,” I can’t really speak to that, since New Found Glory is one of those bands that’s completely flown under my radar. So, you be the judge on that score.

This frenetically edited, performance clip-based video (shot in luxurious black and white) is for the song, “Peninsula”— the first single from the band’s just-released EP of that same name. Drawing from my deep well of classic influences, I’d say Dinosaur Pile Up capture the short and sweet, hit-and-run songcraft of The Buzzcocks or Husker Du while harnessing those adhesive, razor sharp guitar riffs that the early ’90s wave of Grunge bands took to the bank. And that’s a winning combination any way you look at it.

Dinosaur Pile Up’s full length album, Nature Nurture will hit the US in early 2014. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Pile Up
Dinosaur Pile Up

Steven Kasher Gallery Presents Rude And Reckless: Punk/Post-Punk Graphics, 1976-82

Killing Joke, Gang of Four, Bauhaus, Et Al (This Photo by Geoffrey Dicker)

Walking into the Steven Kasher Gallery last night for the opening reception of Rude And Reckless was very much like flashing back to my teenage bedroom, whose walls were plastered floor to ceiling with Punk Rock posters, show flyers, stickers and album cover art until I moved out of my parents house to go to college. Punk Rock – at a time when Punk Rock was really something vital and alive – was everything to me at that time, and I was an avid collector of 7” Punk singles (which I’d pick up by the dozens at Zed Records in Long Beach, California) and punk/new wave badges. A lot of what I collected, and probably still have, seems to have been magically curated into this amazing collection of memorabilia that is sure to delight anyone who has fond memories of the British, New York or LA/Orange County punk scenes in the late ‘70s to early ‘80s. Good times. Continue reading Steven Kasher Gallery Presents Rude And Reckless: Punk/Post-Punk Graphics, 1976-82