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Contagious Unemployment By Josh Kline

contagious unemployment by josh kline photo by gail worley
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Unemployment (2016), another chapter of Josh Klein’s ongoing cycle, is a stark series of installations set in the 2030s or 2040s – a vision of a near-future in which automation has replaced the majority of administrative office jobs.

virus orb with shoes photo by gail worley
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Let’s Play: Is It A Banksy?

FiDi Banksy
Photo By Gail

OK, I have spent several days scouring the Internet for any indication that this very Banksy-sque stencil mural — which depicts a Wall Street Banker-type panhandling for “Any Job” while a female Robot hands him what looks like a Burrito (but is probably a handful of cash)–  is, in fact, a Banksy, but I can’t find any evidence to confirm that suspicion. My guess is that the piece is called Looking For Any Job, as the man’s sign suggests. Continue reading Let’s Play: Is It A Banksy?