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THCA for Women: Should You Give It a Try?

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If you’ve ever prepared cannabis to “activate the THC” before producing your edibles, you’ve effectively converted the THCA into THC. Many people dismissed THCA as unimportant because it does not produce intoxication effects before converting to delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, THCA has medicinal promise and is a non-impairing cannabinoid.
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Product Review: Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder

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As consumers, we are constantly monitoring what we eat, and scrutinizing food  product labels; but we don’t think as deeply about what we allow to touch our skin. Not many people are aware that a skincare product’s ingredients can, and do, find their way into our bloodstream. It’s a scary thought. After watching This Film, I became increasingly vigilant about checking labels on household products, searching out natural, fragrance-free, and chemically safe product alternatives for cleaning around my home and I came across to the maids service brooklyn, probably the best thing that happened to me.
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Movie Review: Stink!

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The plots of many horror films, both modern and classic, often center on the tragic fate of individuals who take an interest in suspicious matters where their attention is neither wanted nor welcome. And while things rarely, if ever, work out well for the protagonists of those films, a provocative new documentary entitled Stink! aims to benefit, potentially, every consumer on the planet by revealing hidden truths about carcinogenic chemical ingredients contained in an innumerable list of products that we all eat, wear and put on our bodies every day. The cosmetic industry, the film points out, is especially lacking in federal regulation. It isn’t at all unlikely that the Chanel No 5 cologne that you spray on your body contains some of the same ingredients as your toilet bowl cleaner. Are you horrified? You will be by the time you’re about 20 minutes into Stink!
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