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Baker Recreates Sleeping Beauty Cake from Disney Film

Sleeping Beauty Cake Disney Gail Worley
Images Courtesy of Cake Wrecks

When you’ve watched as many cake baking competition shows as I have, you know how hard it is to deliberately make a cake that looks like it’s falling apart, but really isn’t. Check out a screen grab from the original Disney film Sleeping Beauty and you can see that whoever made this cake did a pretty amazing job! Just look at those candles!

Sleeping Beauty Cake Gail Worley
Original Cake From Film

Alice In Wonderland Cupcakes

Image Source

Wow! These delicious Alice In Wonderland-themed cupcakes are really an impressive work of art as well! I especially love the “Painting the Roses Red” one – so clever!

Thanks to Cake Wrecks for the Tip!

Survivor Birthday Cake!

Image Source

I love this Survivor-themed Birthday cake which I found over on the fabulous Cake Wrecks Blog. Survivor!

Freddie Mercury Cake

Image Courtesy of Cake Wrecks

“We Will, We Will Wreck You.” Sorry, Freddie.

Skull Wedding Cake

skull wedding cake
I love this!

This awesome Skull Wedding Cake gives new mean to the vows “Til Death Do You Part.” Thanks to Skulls and Bacon via Cake Wrecks.