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Modern Art Monday Presents: Ruth Asawa, Untitled Hanging Wire Sculpture

ruth asawa sculpture photographed by gail worley
All Photos By Gail (Above from 2017)

In 1947, while a student at Back Mountain College, Ruth Asawa (19262013) made a visit to Toluca, Mexico. There, she was introduced to a local method of crocheting wire to create baskets for carrying eggs. The discovery led Asawa to experiment with weaving wire into continuous, organic forms like the above Untitled sculpture (1955), which is described as a hanging six-lobed, complex interlocking continuous form-within-a-form, with two interior spheres. These works challenged conventional ideas of sculpture by embracing utilitarian craft methods and relying on the ceiling instead of the floor for support.

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Video Clip of The Week: DTCV, “Radio Drive”

French American Power Duo DTCV sound like Debbie Harry fronting Wire. If that sentence doesn’t give you a stiffy, then you are dead inside and cannot be helped. Comprised of Guylaine Vivarat (AKA Vivarock, a native of a small village in the French alps), who writes, sings and plays guitar/ bass and keyboards on the majority of the band’s songs, and Guitarist James Greer (AKA Fiat Lux) who (according to their intriguing Bio) “adds his own mostly lit-and-cinema inspired influences,” DTCV makes a significant aural impression with a deep cache of well-integrated influences that just take to long to talk about. For the single, “Radio Drive,” visual effects-drenched clips that switch between live performance shots, driving at high speed through a tunnel, and hanging out in a fancy hotel bathroom tell you all you need to know about a band that apparently has their shit together on every level.

The band’s latest offering, Uptime! (Unsatisfied Records) was released on April 7th, 2015, so you can own it right now via all of the usual channels. Like them on the FaceBook at This Link. Enjoy!

DTCV Album Cover