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Hellraiser Pinhead Cactus

Pinhead Cactus
Image Source

This Pinhead Cactus photo took 5th place in Worth1000.com’s Tree of Life contest. It’s kind of sad to realize that this was 100% Photoshopped, because it would be pretty cool if someone had groomed a real cactus to actually look like this!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Bananas

Pink Bananas
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I love these!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Rubik’s Cube

Pink Rubiks Cube
Image Source

I think even I could solve this one!

Pink Thing of The Day: Hot Pink Strawberry

Hot Pink Strawberry Photoshop
Image Source

Here’s another gorgeous entry from Worth100 Dot Com’s Think Pink 2 A Contest. This Pink Fruit by AliiXX took 32nd place! Juicy!

Pink Thing Of The Day: Pink Helicopter

Hot Pink Helacopter
Image Source

This “enhanced” Photo of a Sea King Helicopter by Killergonzo took 34th place in the Think Pink 2 A contest sponsored by Worth1000.com.