Taco Bell Birthday Cake

This rad birthday cake in the form of two Taco Bell tacos was made by Laura LeClair Kelley – surely the Coolest Mom in the World – for her son’s 12th birthday. Here’s what’s in it: The taco “shells” are made of rolled out snicker-doodle dough with chocolate jimmies throughout for the “flecks.” The inner cake is a frosted chocolate round, cut in half. The lettuce is coconut that has been doctored with green food coloring, the tomatoes are diced up Twizzlers, cheese is rolled out and julienned orange Starbursts and the sour cream is made from giant melted marshmallows. According to Laura, “the entire process was surprisingly easy” and “didn’t take much time to do at all.” So awesome.

Thanks to Food Beast Via Neatorama

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