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Scott Hove’s Cake Gun Sculptures

Image Courtesy of Spoke Art

Surrealist sculptor Scott Hove has become famous for his fantastic fake cakes and cake-like sculptures that he creates using carved foam and traditional cake decorating tools. Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco is currently showcasing his latest works in a highly topical exhibit entitled Guns & Ecstasy.

In addition to a fully immersive, single person Cake Installation that Hove calls “A Pentagonal Disco Infinity Chamber” — and which features multiple angled mirrors and a spinning disco ball — the exhibit includes a series of twelve confectionery assault weapon sculptures created in light of the recent shootings and gun violence in the United States.

Scott Hove Weapon of Choice
Weapon of Choice (Image Source)

If I lived in the area, there is certainly no way I would miss this show.

Scott Hove’s Guns & Ecstasy exhibit runs through May 25th, 2013 at Spoke Art Gallery, Located on 816 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109.

Taco Bell Birthday Cake

This rad birthday cake in the form of two Taco Bell tacos was made by Laura LeClair Kelley – surely the Coolest Mom in the World – for her son’s 12th birthday. Here’s what’s in it: The taco “shells” are made of rolled out snicker-doodle dough with chocolate jimmies throughout for the “flecks.” The inner cake is a frosted chocolate round, cut in half. The lettuce is coconut that has been doctored with green food coloring, the tomatoes are diced up Twizzlers, cheese is rolled out and julienned orange Starbursts and the sour cream is made from giant melted marshmallows. According to Laura, “the entire process was surprisingly easy” and “didn’t take much time to do at all.” So awesome.

Thanks to Food Beast Via Neatorama

Shark Attack Cupcakes

Image Source

Stay away from the water! Just kidding! These menacing looking treats are merely adorable shark cupcakes made with icing-covered Twinkie halves, chocolate wafer cookies for the fins and decorated with red fruit leather. Shark Attack!

Thanks to Vonda Dix for the Tip!