Modern Art Monday Presents: Donald Judd, Untitled 1989

Donald Judd Untitled 1989
Photo By Gail

Untitled 1989, by legendary minimalist Donald Judd is installed on the 4th floor of NYC’s Museum of Modern Art. As you can see, this very colorful painted aluminum sculpture reaches nearly across the width of the room and, in this way, allows the museum-goer an opportunity to spatially interact with its three-dimensional properties (short, of course, of climbing onto it). I love the bright, primary colors of this piece and the form reminds me of playground equipment, which is always a happy thing to consider.

In addition to his minimalist sculptures, Donald Judd wrote extensively about art, painted, and designed furniture. He was a great and highly influential artist. Judd died in Manhattan of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1994, at the age of 65. We will be featuring another of Judd’s works, also a part of MOMA’s permanent collection, later on in this series.

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