Eye On Design: Amoeba Rocking Chair By Isabelle Moore

amoeba rocking chair photo by gail worley
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The Amoeba Rocking Chair (aka Amoeba Rocker) is named for its continuous, concave arched organic form that evokes the amorphous, single-celled organism.

amoeba rocker seat surface photo by gail worley

Conceived by Scottish designer Isabelle Moore and manufactured in Seattle in 1995, it’s comprised of a type of recycled plastic called Origin (Confetti HDPE) showing multicolored flecks of white, reds, blues, greens, and yellows, over a red plywood frame. There are ovoid cut-outs through the width of chair in the top and bottom which are similarly lined with the plastic sheets.

amoeba rocking chair photo by gail worley

The use of Origin and plywood were inspired by an interest in recycled materials during the 1990s, growing from the decade’s concern about taking care of the environment.

amoeba rocker installation view photo by gail worley
Installation View

Photographed in The Brooklyn Museum.

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