Eye On Design: My Window Your View: A Transfiguration Sculpture By Dana Jo Cooley

dana jo cooley sculpture photo by gail worley
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At the recent Boutique Design NY (BDNY) show at NYC’s Javits’s Center, I was on the look-out for pieces with a big “Oh, Wow” factor, and this super-colorful, suspended mosaic sculpture by Tennessee-based contemporary artist Dana Jo Cooley did not disappoint. Cooley calls the piece, My Window Your View: A Transfiguration. Here’s the story of how it came together.

dana jo cooley sculpture detail photo by gail worley

A site-specific installation commissioned for the show by Mohawk Industries, the work complements the Abstract Artistry collection of its subsidiary, Durkan HospitalityCooley’s piece was directly inspired by an abstract work by artist Eve Hennessa, (seen below)  on whose designs Durkan has based many of its new textile patterns.

eve hennessa abstract art photo by gail worley
Abstract Painting By Eve Hennessa

Eve’s work brought up my own fascination with grids and multidimensional subject matter, ” Cooley explains. “Being that most of my work is void of color, she was my guiding light — along with my late mentor James Rosenquist — in the creation of the installation’s color palette.”

dana jo cooley sculpture photo by gail worley

“I recently finished my masters in theological studies,” she continues, “and the work calls to the common definition of transfiguration:

A complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.”

dana jo cooley sculpture color palette photo by gail worley

Materials used in the creation of My Window Your View: A Transfiguration, (2022) include powder-coated steel wire grids, overhead transparencies, dura-lar film, holographic and mirrored film, gel light filters, ink dyes, spray paint, fused plastic bags, magnifying sheets, paper, tape, glue and a custom-designed aluminum frame. Cooley estimates that it took her over 230 hours of labor across 11 days just to fill the grids. “The rest is a blur,” she laughs. The sculpture measures  3′ x 6′ x 8’.

While translucency is integral to the piece — and I heard it referred to at the show as a ‘chandelier’ — My Window Your View is not a lighting fixture. “I helped design how the lighting would be positioned in collaboration with the Durkan (Mohawk) team and the amazing MC2 (MCSquared: the company that designs and builds tradeshow booths),” the artist explains. “I definitely wanted to preserve the translucent quality of the work by lighting it from three points and making the lighting adaptable to any situation. The previous installation I created for Mohawk this past spring is now on display in Chicago, so I am always thinking about how the piece may need to adapt to any unanticipated environment.”

Cooley also gives a shout-out to Arnavaz Barshan, Director of Design for Durkan Hospitality, as an influential force on the Mohawk team. “Arnavaz helped guide me all along. I think it is so important to lift up women in the industry.”

dana jo cooley sculpture photo by gail worley

Photographed at BDNY 2022 in NYC. This bespoke artwork is owned by Mohawk and is not for resale. Follow Dana Jo Cooley on Instagram at @MyWindowYourView!

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