Product Review: Scott’s Protein Balls Snacks

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I’m not prone to making formal New Years’ Resolutions, but one thing I learned while hunkered down at home was how to develop healthier eating habits and stick with them. No one loves to eat more than me, so dieting isn’t my thing; but when I decide to make a change one step at a time, what originally seems daunting can become second-nature. For me, it’s all about baby steps: figuring out what works and making little adjustments as I go, so I don’t get bored or discouraged.  Before I even realized how much my habits had changed,  I’d dropped ten pounds. It’s been life-changing.

Probably the easiest habit to modify is how I snack.  While working from home for about 18 months, I was totally in control of  what I ate, because all snack foods were purchased in advance, so impulse-snacking was no longer a thing. Fruit and yogurt replaced cookies or chips, but since food-boredom leads to cheating, I’ve been adding packaged, healthier snacks that come in at under 100 calories per serving. It’s an evolving process that leads me to this week’s snack review: Scott’s Protein Balls; an all-natural, organic ingredient, plant-based snack that tastes yummy and is good for you. Win win!

confetti protein balls packaging photo by gail worley

When it comes to managing your weight, consuming the right type of treats and snacks is critical.  Most diets fail because it’s human nature to seek pleasure, so if you’re being “too good” you might also feel deprived, then binge, feel guilty, and decide to give up on your goal completely. Not good. Scott’s Protein Balls are a snack that’s just sweet enough, with a soft, indulgent mouth feel, so it helps curb the desire to binge. What’s even better is its 100% plant-based protein, which leaves you feeling satisfied.

confetti protein balls plated photo by gail worley

Confetti (sometimes referred to as Birthday Cake) is one of my favorite flavors, so I tried them first. You can see that the protein balls have a cake-like appearance, with a dense, cookie-dough consistency, which will appeal to most people who enjoy sweet treats. The balls also have chia seeds, for a nutty flavor and added texture.  They’re sweet but not too sweet. I liked them, and was definitely excited to try the other flavors I received to review for this post.

snickerdoodle protein balls packaging photo by gail worley

Here’s a fun fact: Americans consume a 70% plant-based diet, but over 80% of plant-based foods still include refined sugars, refined oils and even refined grains. That means the majority of the plant based foods we’re eating are processed foods. Wow!  Fortunately, Scott’s Protein Balls keep it real. There are zero fillers, additives, dyes, or toxic ingredients in their snacks, and the dessert-like flavors will help you stay on track and away from other processed snacks.

brownie batter protein balls packaging photo by gail worley

Do you like Brownies? I sure do. Scott’s Brownie Batter variety protein balls are rich and  fudgy, with added flax and chia seeds, for a chocolaty taste explosion!

brownie batter protein balls plated photo by gail worley

Two brownie balls  (3 grams of protein) adds up to just 70 calories, but they taste totally decadent.

peanut butter cacao protein balls packaging photo by gail worley

Maybe you dig the clastic peanut-butter-and-chocolate favor combination. If so, Scott’s Proteins Balls has you covered with their Peanut Butter Cacao variety.

scotts red velvet protein ball snack

Here’s some breaking news that just came in since I started writing this review: Scott’s Protein Balls has launched its newest flavor – Red Velvet (omg)! Right now, they are offering 20% off off your order with the promo code REDVELVET20. These limited-edition delicious and nutritious protein balls are their first protein ball made with cashew butter – launching just in time for American Heart Health Month in February – and packed with 4 grams of plant-based protein. These are perfect for your sweet tooth while giving you natural energy with high protein without added sugar. The Red Velvet  balls will make for a healthy and delicious swap to sugar-filled candy for Valentine’s Day as well.

Located in the refrigerator section of the store next to your favorite fruits and veggies, Scott’s are the only protein ball that is fresh from the fridge.  Why grab a hard protein bar or cookie from the bodega when you can have a fresh snack and that doesn’t sit on a shelf for 6 months (or more)?

scotts protein balls

100% plant-based in classic flavors including Peanut Butter Cacao, Mint Chocolate Chip, Brownie Batter, Confetti, Snickerdoodle, and Java Peanut Butter, Scott’s Protein Balls are perfect for an active lifestyle and people on-the-go. They contain no preservatives and are a healthy and delicious snack that’s gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.  The company  is also a proud partner of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), donating a portion of all sales to the cause that is very close to the heart of Founder, breast cancer survivor, Lori Levine.

Scott’s Protein Balls website even features a Healthy Snacking Blog full of fun articles with tips on how to stay fit and healthy while snacking deliciously.  For more information, and to shop online, visit their website at This Link!

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