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Pink Thing of The Day: Chewie Bubacca By Michael Morse

chewbacca toy photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Star Wars Fans: If you’ve ever wondered, “What if Chewbacca was made of Bubblegum?” then this fun and very Pink bootleg art toy by Michael Morse is for you. Chewie Bubacca (seen here being chewed by Han Solo himself) was spotted by me at Five Points Festival and may still be available in limited edition colorway of baby pink or hot pink (just in time for a Barbie tie-in!) Contact Michael on Instagram for details!

Pink Thing of The Day: Bubblegum Brownstone

BubbleGum Brownstone

Read about the controversy behind this famous Park Slope, Brooklyn Pink Brownstone at this link.

Thanks to Nicole for the Tip!