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Pink Thing of the Day: JoJo Siwa Breakfast Cereal

jojo siwa breakfast cereal photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

JoJo Siwa is a 19-year old singer/dancer who dresses like she’s 10. She also makes $2 million a year doing YouTube videos and has her own breakfast cereal.  Yes, I just typed that. JoJo’s cereal is officially called Strawberry Bop and, as you can see by the photo on the box, it is (mostly) Pink. The crunchy, corn-puff-based cereal reportedly has a flavor similar to the  Strawberry Shortcake Cereal. There are also reports that eating it will turn your poop pink. TMI.

jojo siwa breakfast cereal photo by gail worley

Photographed in the Lot Less Closeout Store on West 14th Street, NYC

Yes, It Exists: Cheerios Bee as Darth Vader

Darth Bee
Photo By Gail

I don’t know why seeing Darth Bee this Honey Nut Cheerios Box surprised me. But it did.

Yes, It Exists: Colon Blow

Colon Blow
Photo By Gail

During Saturday Night Live‘s Season 15, way back in 1989, the late Phil Hartman starred in one of the series more hilarious commercial parodies for a fictional product called Colon Blow, spoofing the new wave of high fiber cereals. In the spot, Phil is a typical man sitting down to have a bowl of cereal when an off-camera announcer asks him, how many bowls of his regular oat bran cereal would he have to eat to get as much fiber as Colon Blow. It turns out to be something like 30 thousand bowls, which then form a towering pyramid, with Phil perched atop of them all. Priceless. Continue reading Yes, It Exists: Colon Blow