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Coniuncto By Christian Rex Van Minnen

portrait by christian rex van minnen photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

If you’ve seen the 1987 horror movie Hellraiser, you probably remember the Butterball Cenobite: one of the minor demon characters charged with dragging people to Hell. If you can’t conjure an image of his likeness from memory, he looked like this: Please Click Me.  To me, the wildly surreal portraits comprising Christian Rex Van Minnen’s recent exhibit, Coniuncto  look like they could be Butterball’s contemporary relatives, albeit with tattoos and jewel-toned gummy candies hovering over their mutant visages. At the very least, this series of paintings  encourages wildly imaginative extrapolation, and that’s what good art is all about!
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Lost Mitten Society Annual Winter Salon Show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery


All mittens were present and accounted for as art fans braved15 degree NYC weather for Jonathan LeVine’s annual Winter group show. It was definitely worth leaving the house for.

Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandeliers
Octopus Chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage

As the show’s cheeky press release explains, “The Lost Mitten Society presents a visually diverse mix of emerging and established artists, all suffering from the loss of a mitten. Despite their frozen appendages, this group of over twenty artists have created small to medium sized, multi-disciplinary works, including a strong selection of drawing, painting and sculpture. In the name of solidarity, The Lost Mitten Society [is]displayed salon-style in the gallery to showcase the group’s goal of reuniting lost pairs of mittens everywhere. Continue reading Lost Mitten Society Annual Winter Salon Show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery