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William Basso Mise En Scene at Last Rites Gallery

Installation View
All Photos By Gail

If there were ever an art gallery that offered a fully immersive sensory experience reflective of the art it most expertly represents, that would be Last Rites Gallery. Hitting its stride as the perfect comforting /disquieting mutation of a Victorian Gothic sitting room and an abattoir, Last Rites showcases the best of contemporary Dark Pop, Surrealism and Horror Art like nobody’s business. Brooklyn’s Stephen Romano Gallery certainly mines a similar vein (and we are, of course, huge fans), but there is only one Last Rites. Also: there’s a tattoo parlor in the basement.

Adam Wallacavage Octopus Lamp
Octopus Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage

A while back, Last Rites escaped the impending urban sprawl of its former neighborhood — a windowless loft space in the West 30s (just inches from the West Side Highway) — and moved locations to a Hell’s Kitchen-adjacent street level storefront that transforms the gallery into clearly bisected realms of darkness and light. While the ground floor gallery space is flooded with natural light pouring in from floor to ceiling windows (quite advantageous, for an art gallery), the upstairs bar/lounge and basement level tattoo salon maintain the incredible vibe of fabulously seductive gloom. Let’s take a look.


Skull Wallpaper: Classeh!


Lots of room to relax and drink, blood or whatever.

Door with Gate

Keep Out. You don’t have to tell me twice.

Cardboard Prop with Injury
Cardboard Prop with Injury

So, the facelift was all for the best, and while a few wrinkles were smoothed over, Last Rites is still quite recognizable as the place we love to see scary art and bring straight friends to freak them out. And there sure is some good art there right now, in the form of William Basso’s exhibit of mixed media assemblages, Mise En Scene. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the show!

Edgar Allan Poe


Of his work, the artist offers, “The characters in my work exists in a distant, half-remembered place, where even Halloween can last forever.” We like it.

Tea Time
Tea Time

Collection of Models Used for The Series

Very Fun! Welcome back Last Rites! For detailed information on William Basso and the works in this exhibit, visit This Link. Or, you know, just go check it out in person.

William Basso’s Mise En Scene will be on Exhibit Through May 16th 2015 at Last Rites Gallery, Located at 325 West 38th Street (Between 8th and 9th Aves) in NYC.


Lost Mitten Society Annual Winter Salon Show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery


All mittens were present and accounted for as art fans braved15 degree NYC weather for Jonathan LeVine’s annual Winter group show. It was definitely worth leaving the house for.

Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandeliers
Octopus Chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage

As the show’s cheeky press release explains, “The Lost Mitten Society presents a visually diverse mix of emerging and established artists, all suffering from the loss of a mitten. Despite their frozen appendages, this group of over twenty artists have created small to medium sized, multi-disciplinary works, including a strong selection of drawing, painting and sculpture. In the name of solidarity, The Lost Mitten Society [is]displayed salon-style in the gallery to showcase the group’s goal of reuniting lost pairs of mittens everywhere.

Here are some of our favorite pieces from the show!

Chicks (Egg Triptych Part III)
Chicks (Egg Triptych Part III) By Amandine Urruty

Chicks (Egg Triptych Part III) By Amandine Urruty
Detail from the Above Work, Featuring Slimer from Ghost Busters and Possibly Cousin It?

Marco Mazzoni
Two Works by Marco Mazzoni

Troy Brooks Hunters and Thieves
Troy Brook’s Hunters and Thieves

Te Escondo a Verdade By FINOK
Te Escondo a Verdade By FINOK

James Marshall (Dalek), Untitled 2
James Marshall (Dalek), Untitled 2

We love the Op Art effect of this one!

Here For the Ride By Taylor McKimens
Here For the Ride By Taylor McKimens

Two Works By Josh Keyes
Two Works By Josh Keyes

Hamelyn By Doubleparlour
Hamelyn By Doubleparlour

This one looks like the personification of an Ice Cream Cone.

The Bug Walker By Doubleparlour
The Bug Walker By Doubleparlour

Top: Kris Lewis Autumn Sky
Top: Kris Lewis, Autumn Sky
Center: John Brophy, Ascension
Lower: Christian Rex Van Minnen, Selfie Protest/Protest Selfie

Martin Wittfooth Shaman II
Martin Wittfooth Shaman II

The Lost Mitten Society Annual Winter Salon Show will be on exhibit through February 7th, 2015, at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Located at 529 West 20th Street, 9th floor, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Lost Mitten Society Signage

Adam Wallacavage Green Octopus Chandelier
Adam Wallacavage Green Octopus Chandelier

Adam Wallacavage Presents Magic Mountain

Octopus Chandeliers
All Photos By Gail

Octopus Chandeliers: I can’t get enough of them! I’ve been so excited to finally see one of artist Adam Wallacavage’s exhibits in person and my dream finally came true this past Saturday when Wallacavage’s current collection, Magic Mountain, opened at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Oh man, what a treat for the imagination and an amazing visual experience for everyone in attendance!

Four Eyed Cat

Magic Mountain features a series of mixed media sculptures and functional art objects as well as the artist’s first limited-edition multiple. In addition to some of his signature octopus tentacle chandeliers, Wallacavage explores new subject matter in this exhibition including jellyfish, sea anemones, cobra snakes and hybrid-sea-creature children.
Sea Creatures
Pink Mirror with Sconces
He also cast some of the vintage toys in his personal collection to experiment with appropriating nostalgic, cute and kitsch imagery. Combining his passion for aquatic themes, 16th Century Baroque traditions, 1940s Americana and a wild imagination, this body of work embodies Wallacavage’s ideal fantasy flea market. The assortment of twisted shapes and brilliant colors results in a surreal experience.
Octopus Chandelier
Golden Tentacle Chandelier
Over a decade ago, Wallacavage first began experimenting with chandeliers in order to create a dining room in his Victorian brownstone inspired by the classic Jules Verne novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. To construct his original octopus chandeliers, he taught himself the traditional techniques of ornamental plastering, which involves casting and hand-sculpting with epoxy clay and resin. In the years since, he has continued to experiment in form, color and technique, developing his own unique glazes, vibrant hues and finishes.
Tentacle Candle Holders
Green Tentacle Chandelier
This new body of work marks a transition point in the artist’s career, a master of his craft ready to expand his creative vocabulary in new directions.

Tentacled Candelabra

Magic Mountain by Adam Wallacavage will be on Exhibit through November 16, 2013 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Located at 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Pink Mirror and Show Signage

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Octopus Chandelier

Adam Wallacavage Pink Octopus Chandelier
Image Source

Adam Wallacavage is an insanely talented sculptor who makes chandeliers that look like Octopi. Seriously, you could create an entire Pinterest board on this guy’s work! See more of Adam’s Octopus Chandeliers at This Link!