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Celebrate International Day of Happiness March 20th, 2014!

Live Happy Magazine
Yes, It Exists: Live Happy Magazine! (All Photos By Gail. Click Any Image to Enlarge for Detail.)

The most popular song in the country right now is Pharrell Williams ridiculously contagious anthem, “Happy,” whose upbeat lyrics are full of positive advice for any day. But just in case you need a reminder, or a bit of gentle encouragement in your own life, you can get involved with creating and spreading Acts of Happiness on International Day of Happiness, coming up on Thursday, March 20th.

Acts of Happiness Info card

Earlier this week Actsofhappiness.org helped to set the mood and promote its Acts of Happiness campaign with a Happiness Happy Hour, hosted by Krupp Kommunications. Originally conceived by the United Nations, International Day of Happiness will see Happiness Walls built in more than 25 cities around the country — including San Francisco, New York, Dallas and Atlanta — so that people everywhere can celebrate and post their Acts of Happiness to spread and share joy.

Composing Acts of Happiness
Composing an Act of Happiness for the Wall.

The Wall of Happiness
Happiness Wall

To launch the campaign, Happiness Happy Hour attendees posted their own Acts of Happiness (#HappyActs) to start a Happiness Wall right there in the K2 Offices.

It was very fun and inspiring to share each others’ Acts of Happiness stories while enjoying tasty snacks and refreshing beverages, provided by K2.

Snack TableBeverage Table

Remember that no act of kindness is ever wasted and even what seems like a small gesture can have an impact that changes lives. Read about more fun ways that you and your friends can get involved in International Day of Happiness and find the location of a Happiness Wall near you at This Link.

Act of Happiness

Product Review: WEN Hair and Body Care by Chaz Dean!

Wen Assorted Fall and Winter Hair and Body Care Line
All Photos By Gail

Like any woman, I like to look my best; but I keep my daily hair and skin care regimens ridiculously simple. My salon visits cost $20 and I color my own hair. By the way, it’s nice to see salons with cute storage decorations. For instance, the spa baskets for sale from couchpotatoenterprises.com with fragrant lotions. As an ex-boyfriend once surmised, I am a “low maintenance babe.” I do admit that I’m a bit obsessed about the condition of my hair, which really is unbelievably silky and shiny, thanks to a few very effective products that I’ve become quite loyal to over the years. But when you’ve been lightening your hair for as long as I have (read: decades), the damage takes its toll on even the most pampered hair. I didn’t think there was much I could do about it except condition well and get regular trims.

Then something happened that changed my attitude: I met Chaz Dean.

Like me, you may have seen celebrity stylist and hair care specialist Chaz Dean advertise his line of personal care products, WEN Hair and Body Care by Chaz Dean, on TV. I was so fascinated by a hair care system that skips shampooing entirely, but it always seemed like the results had to be too good to be true. The thing is, I have a few close friends who use the Wen products, and that’s what first got me interested in maybe checking out Wen for myself.

One friend whose hair has been damaged by medication absolutely raves about the great results she gets with Wen – and I’ve seen the change in her hair, so I know it’s worked for her. I know that installing water softeners in your showers also helps your general skin and hair game. Still, the idea of eliminating shampoo and, instead, using a “Cleansing Conditioner” only on my hair just seemed kind of crazy. My hair is very thin and baby fine, and I was extremely skeptical that cleaning my hair with conditioner would not weigh it down and make it look oilier than it was before I got in the shower. Sometimes, I can be a hard sell.

Earlier this week, I was invited to a cocktail party hosted by Chaz Dean at which he introduced his new line of Wen products for Fall 2013 and Winter 2014. Chaz was just the nicest person you could ever meet and he spent 20 minutes talking to me personally, during which time he gave me specific tips on how Wen would benefit my hair type. I could tell he was being sincere and that, despite the fact that he makes a terrific living off of selling the Wen line, he created these products because he really wants everyone to have beautiful, healthy hair. The party was lots of fun and everyone left with a gift bag full of Wen products that I simply could not wait to try!

Wen Fall Apple Spice
New for Fall 2013: WEN Hair and Body Care by Chaz Dean Fall Apple Spice

The next morning, I used the Wen Fall Apple Spice Cleansing Conditioner as directed and achieved positive results that far exceeded my expectations. I was able to wet comb my hair encountering only two small tangles and, once dry, my hair was fluffier and cleaner than it is when I use shampoo and conditioner. But the most amazing thing is what happened – or rather didn’t happen – in the shower. I had just touched up the fuchsia pink dye in my hair over the weekend, and normally the first time I shampoo after I “do the pink,” my shower looks like a hot pink blood bath. But with the Wen, the water rinsed clear and there were no splashes of pink anywhere on my shower tile! Amazing.

The fact that Wen will help my hair color last longer while also making my hair feel soft and look great has won me over as a new devotee. Testify! Thank you Chaz Dean for making this great product! Find out more about the full Wen product line at Chaz Dean Dot Com!

Wen Winter Cranberry Mint
New for Winter 2014: WEN Hair and Body Care by Chaz Dean Winter Cranberry Mint

Gail Takes the Purity Vodka Taste Challenge!

Taste Challenge with Hash Tag

Do you like Vodka? I sure do, but I admit I had not heard of Purity Vodka (From Sweden) until I was invited to take the Purity Vodka Taste Challenge – at a party held for that express purpose at Manhattan’s downtown Dream Hotel, nice! — just last evening. Here is how that went down.

Purity Vodka Challenge Ballot with Glasses

First, participants in The Challenge were presented with two unmarked flutes with a bit of vodka in each. We were instructed on the proper way to taste – sniff, tilt glass to check for “legs,” swirl, sniff again, then sip. Taste one glass, then repeat the process with the second. Ceremony! We were then given a pen and asked to tick a tiny box next to the glass holding the vodka whose taste we preferred.

Purity Vodka Challenge Ballot

I did as instructed, liking one vodka much more than the other, and then a nice spokes-model lady came over with an infrared light device and was able to deduce that I had chosen Purity Vodka over the competitor, Grey Goose!

Purity Vodka Challenge Reward Bracelet

I was rewarded with a stylish Purple Rubber Bangle bracelet in exchange for the performance of my fine palate. We were then invited to move along to an adjoining room where a cocktail party was just kicking off. And you know how much I love a cocktail party.

Purity Vs Grey Goose

Apparently, Purity Vodka is making the rounds with this challenge to promote the fact that one in two Grey Goose drinkers prefer the taste of Purity Vodka — which is distilled 34 times (read: a lot of times). Also, it is the most award winning Ultra-Premium Vodka in the world, according to its nice website. Well, I took the Challenge and I did like Purity Vodka better, so I am just going to agree with whatever they say about this stuff. Smooth!

Here are some additional photos of the party, which was pretty fun!

Purity Collins

The drink above is a Purity Collins, which is like a Vodka Lemonade – sweet and refreshing. I had two of these and I was pretty toasted before I finished the second one, after which, I cut myself off.

Purity Martini

Look at what an attractive Martini it makes!

Purity On Ice

Here is a bottle lounging in some ice. Because Vodka should always be kept chilled!

Crab Cakes

There was a bit of food also. Above: Tiny Crab Cakes. Very tasty.

Lobster Cobb Salad

This is a Lobster Cobb Salad. Yes, there was bacon in it. Yummy.

Bar Shot

Highly efficient bar tending professionals kept the drinks flowing!

VIP Area

Hilariously, the room had this tiny, velvet ropped-off VIP Area, where no one was sitting. Maybe it was just for the vodka.

Crowd in Room

Everybody had a good time and we all got drunk for free! Purity Vodka!