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Have Your Mind Blown at MOMA’s Tim Burton Art Retrospective!


Geoffrey and I learned our lesson a few week’s ago about “just showing up” at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art and trying to get in to see the Tim Burton Retrospective on the strength of our Corporate Memberships. That lesson was: it doesn’t happen. I cannot put too fine a point on letting you know that advance tickets are an absolute necessity. Otherwise you’ll never be granted access to what is surely the most overwhelmingly amazing and impressive art exhibit I’ve seen in my life. And I have seen a shitload of art. Continue reading Have Your Mind Blown at MOMA’s Tim Burton Art Retrospective!

Bacon Thing Of The Day: Bacon Halloween Costumes!

Bacon Costume
Halloween Costume of The Year!

OK, I know that Halloween happened over a week ago, and I was a big loser this year because not only did I not dress up but, in fact, I did not even leave my house. I mean, it was raining out, for chrissakes! But Lisa over at Skulls & Bacon has just put up a cool post full of pictures of people all decked out and feeling festive in their Bacon Halloween Costumes. And that makes me feel almost like I was there, wherever these people were. Thanks, Lisa!

Gail and Geoffrey’s Excellent Gay Pride Adventure!

Wonder Woman Costume from Met Superheroes Exhibit

This weekend was Gay Pride here in NYC, and Geoffrey and I celebrated by having a ridiculously fun Sunday adventure that will heretofore be known as “The Gayest Day Ever.” Just because it sounds more fun that way!

First, I picked up Geoffrey at his apartment and we traveled uptown by train and bus (experiencing excellent Mass Transit Karma) to 5th Avenue and 82nd street, arriving at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unless you have ADD, you might recall that I have already blogged about The Met at least three times in the past week, because it is so awesome. Our first stop at the Met was to hit the roof garden for my second viewing in three days of the Jeff Koons sculpture exhibit, Koons on the Roof. Continue reading Gail and Geoffrey’s Excellent Gay Pride Adventure!

Happy Halloween!

It’s All About The Eyes

Tardon as The Resident and Gail as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark at one of Ken’s infamous Halloween parties, way back in the Eighties . . .

Welcome to Hell, Charlie Brown

Devil and Charlie Brown
Gail Rehearses for Her Upcoming Role in Welcome To Hell, Charlie Brown!

Happy Halloween and thanks for giving Worleygig.com its highest trafficked month to date!