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Jaume Plensa’s Human Head Sculpture at the Crosby Street Hotel

Jaume Plensa Head Sculpture
Photo By Gail

Among the many cool artworks to be found at the Crosby Street Hotel, located at 79 Crosby Street in Soho, NYC is this striking, 10 foot high Jaume Plensa steel sculpture of a human head created from letters of the alphabet. The unique sculpture sits in the hotel’s front lobby, along with this very fun Pug Lamp.

Pug Dog As Bread Loaf

Pug Dog Bread
Image Source

They Told Me I Could Be Anything, So I Became a Bread.

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Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Strip Dog Halloween Costume

Bacon Strip Dog Costume
Image Source

Because You Love Bacon so Much, You Wish Your Dog Was Bacon. Buy this hilarious Bacon Dog Costume now for just $14.95 at This Link!

Cuteness Alert: Pug Puppy in Dinosaur Sweater

Pug Puppy In Dinosaur Sweater
Image Source

I can’t believe how cute this is. And yet, it exists: a photo of a pug puppy wearing a red dinosaur sweater costume. The cuteness.