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Imram Qureshi On the Roof of The Met

Imram Qureshi on the Roof of the Met
All Photos By Gail

Pakistani artist Imram Qureshi is having quite a year. Not only has he been named Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year, but he was also commissioned to create this year’s exhibit on the roof of NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Imram Qureshi on the Roof of the Met 4

Qureshi was able to utilize almost 8,000 square foot of open-air space as his canvas, as he has painted with acrylics directly onto The Met’s rooftop. What initially looks like the floor of an abattoir is easily recognized by those familiar with his work at Qureshi’s signature crimson floral designs, splashed over with red paint. He has done similar installations, on various scales, all over the world.

Imram Qureshi on the Roof of the Met 2

Earlier this month, Qureshi created a site specific installation for the 2013 Frieze Art Fair which was part of the Deutsche Bank VIP Lounge. Coincidently, I was part of small group of volunteers who crumbled poster sized prints of the crimson flower /blood spatter design into smaller wads so that they could be mounted behind glass panels, as seen in the photos below. I got a pretty crazy paper cut doing this, but it was worth it.

Iram Quereshi ArIram Quereshi Art Installationt Installation
Imram Qureshi Installation at Frieze Art Fair

Iram Quereshi Art Installation2

Imram Qureshi on the Roof of the Met 3
Another Shot of the Roof

Imran Qureshi’s Roof Garden Installation will be on view until November 3, 2013 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Located at 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street. Access to the Roof is Weather Permitting.

Imram Qureshi on the Roof of the Met


The Cabin In The Woods: Not Your Typical Teen Horror Flick!

Cabin In the Woods Poster

There are certain movies that contain secret plot twists whose reveal is so pivotal to the way the film plays out – The Crying Game and Sixth Sense come to mind immediately – that the only way to avoid spoiling the film is to go into it with virtually no knowledge of what the movie is “about,” save for perhaps the most skeletal of story lines. The Joss Whedon-produced, Drew Goddard-directed horror/comedy The Cabin in The Woods is one such film. As I sat through the closing credits at last night’s press screening (exit music by Nine Inch Nails. Yes!) I was honestly confounded as to how I could “review” this film without ruining the sublime pleasure of navigating its multilayered, non-traditional plot detours. Because, in this case, the less you know about The Cabin in the Woods, the more satisfying your experience of the movie will be.

Sitting on the shelves at MGM for three years, Cabin’s release is perfectly timed to advance the hype of Whedon’s upcoming blockbuster-to-be, The Avengers, while also, purely by coincidence, having something in common with current box office smash The Hunger Games – and that can’t be bad for business. The basic plot launches from a weekend trip taken by five college student friends to a remote Cabin, ostensibly owned by one character’s cousin: a trip, of course, during which everything goes horribly, irreversibly wrong. These five kids embody every teen-slasher-flick-character cliché: there’s the Jock, the Slut, the Studious Girl, the Stoner Nerd who provides comic relief and the Nice Guy. From the film’s kick off, a parallel storyline involving a high tech company whose employees appear to know much more about the Cabin in The Woods than the five teens immediately takes the film to a level beyond the mundane and predictable. As the two main technicians, veteran actors Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under) and Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) deliver some of the film’s best lines of sharp, comedic dialog and continuously break or heighten the tension as they manipulate the kids into behaving in ways that will lead them into further danger. And that’s all I’m going say about it, because, really, what comes next, and then next after that, is just too good to give away. Two horror stories that came to mind while watching Cabin include the film Thirteen Ghosts and Clive Barker’s original-novel version of Midnight Meat Train. If those comparisons pique your interest, The Cabin in The Woods is your wet dream of a horror film. I never go to see movies like this, and I really loved it.

Opening Nationwide on Friday, April 13th, The Worley Gig Gives The Cabin in the Woods Four out of Five Stars!

Just in Time for Halloween: The Blood Stained Bath Mat!

Bloodbath Mat” Get It?

I don’t usually consider myself to be in possession of a particularly sick sense of humor, but I do appreciate the twisted sensibility of this Blood Stained Bath Mat. Maybe that’s because I am currently immersed in trying to get caught up on three seasons of Dexter. Buy one for yourself (only $21.95, what a bargain!) at This Link!

Thanks to Miss Cellania at Mental Floss For The Tip!